How to strike and conduct life changing and mind stimulating conversations with persons of migrant backgrounds.

Developed by the Immaculate Centre for Impeccable Migrant Studies 

Approved and certified by the Institute of Quality International Communications (IQIC) 

As much as we celebrate the worldwide success of these guidelines, we advise our users to approach these guidelines with utmost precision. Especially in Europe where migrants might prove difficult to engage with. 

For the best use experience, we advise targeting migrants that are visually easy to identify, for example persons with darker skins tones, with too colourful clothing and or with hair textures on the extreme ends of curly and straight.  

Begin with our guide and ask the questions we have developed with our stakeholders and tested on most streets in Europe. As our studies have shown, most migrants are very serious-minded persons and do not enjoy comical interactions nor humour filled conversations. Many of our users report that starting such conversations with a stern face is bound to bring the best of results. 

Now to the guidelines: 

  • First ask them where they migrated from because it really is the only way to strike a conversation with a migrant. It is the most important piece of information you need to establish, to possess and build on. How can you establish a bond with them if you have no idea of their national affiliation? (Hint) If it is obvious, they are from Africa, get straight to the point and ask which part of Africa they are from. Ask by what means they travelled, so far from their motherland and whether it was by the sea, through the desert, or by foot to reach these lands of their dreams. 


  •  Second, share with them all you know about migrants. tell them about every other migrant you know, have known and will know. For those experiences helps position you as one with the understanding for the things of migrants. In telling them this rich compilation of information, you are bound to discover all the common things you have with them. Because the experiences of one foreigner is really not far from another. 


  • Third, remind them in conversation of how interesting their cultures are and how you believe in the authenticity of their culture. Affirm their culture by sharing the book you read, film you watched or restaurant you visited affiliated to their culture.  


  •  Fourth, slow speak. It has been proven that even when a human being does not understand a language and you slow speak it is bound to spark a particular part of their brain known for the ability to understand any language even those never heard before. This is a particular identified trait especially identified in the brain of migrants. 


  • Fifth, now that many grounds have been established, ask them if they do not miss home or even better, to tell you more about how life was at home. For home is home. For everyone. There is a never dying unique fondness to the migrant’s home. Peer into the details. Ask about family and friends. Ask when they return home. 


These five ways as seen and covered on international television with phenomenal results published in numerous international journals and now brought to you in these five easy steps are bound to dive you into transformative educational conversations and learnings with migrants.  

Persons who have used these guidelines have reported tremendous one-sided conversations that have lingered on their minds for years. 

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Author: Nana Kesewaa

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