I just banked my life on Google Map Reviews

I have been a Google Maps contributor for over 5 years now in what is now termed the Local Guide. So, they have this gamification system where your contribution entitles you to points and then you go on climbing levels. Of course, the benefit for Google is that they get volunteers to give them information on places, events etc. for free of charge. That is an aspect but when you consider what Google Maps was 5 years ago and how it has grown considerable only based on human voluntary contributions it seems it is worth it.

Anyway, I had a doctors’ appointment today, a new gynaecologist and I found him through Google Maps Reviews and chose him only because he had a 4.4 star rating and pretty good comments. On one hand it seems sort of scary that I just sort of made a huge health decision based on a bunch of stranger’s recommendations which could have even been bought. Then again, my assurance always goes back to the days when there were no Google Maps how did we choose service providers?

How did we end up in restaurants and in doctors’ offices? We relied on others and then also we relied on our instincts and experimentation. I think what Google Maps does is saves us from going through that hassle and task of research and experimentation.

I cannot underrate the goodness of Google Maps Reviews, I have avoided places that had tags as racist, rude customer service or unethical based on Google Reviews. While some Google Reviews may just be angry rantings and only heaven can meet some expectations like because the toasted bread not being burnt at the ends in a dark blackish bluish color and so a 1 star rating, 😛 , often a huge chunk of them is from real persons like me and you.