Grateful for the little things

In times such as these, when a lot is happening in and around us, it is a good thing to take 2 minutes out of your day to bring joy to your heart. To stir up hope in your heart and be grateful for what you have and have experienced thus far.

One of the ways I bring joy to my heart is to list the little things that neither cost me nor need my intervention to happen. Yet their occurrence brings or has brought joy many times to my heart.

What are some of the little things that bring joy to your heart and stirs up hope?

Here are my list of little things that make me happy:

  1. The warmness of the morning or spring sun on my skin
  2. The kindness of a stranger – when a stranger offers to help me or offers me their seat
  3. My son laughing in his sleep at night
  4. A hug and kiss from my son
  5. A smile from my son
  6. Seeing my son happy
  7. Wearing my hair in an afro-puff
  8. A heart-to-heart conversation with a friend
  9. Singing with a friend or a group like in church
  10. A clear night, lit with stars and the moon
  11. The chirping of birds in the morning
  12. The sound of children playing

I hope this list inspires you to think about the little things that makes you happy.

Take a few minutes, some paper or just your thoughts and try to see how many you come up with.

And see how your heart swells with joy. 

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Author: Nana Kesewaa

I am a Ghanaian born in Tamale. This blog is filled up with thoughts on life situations and rantings. I live in Germany. I like to jog, eat food, make music and obviously write.

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